XBMC with Samsung All Share

All Share allows you to stream pictures, video and music to and from your device over your local wifi network. It should work with DLNA certified devices. It works using uPnP. Basically, you can use it some TVs, home media servers and gaming consoles such as PS3. There is free software the will allow you to access and play files to and from your computer with ease.

I explained at previous post how to turn a “Raspberry Pi” into an XBMC Media Center

Once XBMC is installed go to:
Configure Sysytem -> Settings -> Network

Check the following boxes:
1) Share video and music libraries through UPnP
2) Allow control of XBMC via UPnP

Now fire up All Share on your device, select play file from your phone to device.
In addition to your local computer you should see XBMC, select it and enjoy the stream.



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