SAP PI – Axis Adapter Installation Process

Tools and Files Require:

Download “sdaMakerTool.jar” from SAP note below:

Download other required Files from Links below:
Apache-Axis –
Jakarta-Commons Discovery –
Jakarta-Commons Logging –

JAR Files folder

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (1)

Creating Installation File:

Run sdaMakerTool.jar

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (2)

Select PI version you need from list

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (3)

Select – Don’t use SAP XI 3RD PARTY SCA and confirm OK

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (4)

Select Jar File directory previously created

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (5)

You will see file loaded as below

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (6)

Provide Output Folder

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (7)

Press Start button

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (8)

You have SDA file created as below

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (9)

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (10)

Installation Process

Note: Before you run SUM tool some parameter files need to be changes as below

Open file at location X:\usr\sap\SID\SUM\sdt\param\jspm_config and add following parameters at the end of the file

/jspm/deployVersionRule = updateAll
/jspm/forceMode = true

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (11)

Start SUM tool for installation

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (12)

Continue with installation and provide manually prepared directory – where you have copy SDA file

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (13)

Continue with installation

Verify installation package as below

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (14)

Continue installation till it finish

Press Exit

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (15)

Verify installation component


BEFORE Installation

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (16)

AFTER Installation

sap-pi-axis-adapter-installation- (17)


SAP Note Ref.
1039369 – FAQ XI Axis Adapter
1028961 – How to prepare axisproviderlib.sda for Adapter Framework



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