PREP_INIT/VALCHK_INI: BBPCRM is in an undefined state

During the upgrade using the SUM tool, below error coming out,

Severe error(s) occurred in phase PREP_INIT/VALCHK_INI!
Last error code set: BBPCRM is in an undefined state, that is not safe to be upgraded, reason Upgrade wasn’t completed – Call the SAP Support



Below resolution was done on Windows operating system environment.
The solution will be similar on UNIX, Linux operating system environment.

1. Stop the SAPup process (stop the SUM installer). Navigate to the \SUM\abap\bin directory (path where you extracted the SUM installation files).



2. Execute the following command

.\SAPup.exe reset prepare


=========== Resetting procedure ===========

The tool will reset the whole procedure now.
01) - Yes
02) - No
Do you really want to reset the procedure? []: 01
Resetting procedure.

Execution of REVOKE module "Reverts initialization module" begins at 20140211152349


Starting to reset PREPARE.
Removing directory tree C:\sapcd\SUM\SUM\abap\NEC
Integration of change requests was reset.


3. Delete the directory of C:\SUM. Once done, extract again the SUM with a new name. Rerun the SUM from beginning.


If the above steps are not working, you may need to download a new patch of SUM version from the SAP Service Marketplace and try with it.




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