Determining the Number of Work Processes

The context change for processes on Windows is more time-consuming compared to UNIX. Therefore, the recommended number of work processes is smaller than in UNIX systems. On Windows, the number of work processes is calculated according to the number of processor cores in the system and not according to the number of users. For more information, see the following table.
To display the work processes in the system, use transaction SM50.
To determine the number of work processes, use transaction RZ04.

Number of Processor Cores Number of Work Processes
1 5-7
4 20-25
> 4 4-5 work processes per processor


SAPinst installs SAP systems with a minimum number of work processes, which
are calculated using the following formula:

  • Number of dialog work processes = RAM/256 (min 2, max 18)
  • Number of update work processes = RAM/768 (min 1, max 6)
  • Number of update2 work processes = RAM/1024 (min 1, max 3)
  • Number of batch work processes = RAM/1024 (min 2, max 3)
  • Number of enqueue work processes = 1
  • Number of spool work processes = 1



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