Create Apple ID Without a Credit Card

Apple ID is an account which is used to sign in everywhere in Apple like iCloud, iTunes, App store or other Apple services.When you get started with Apple, you will be asked for Apple ID that you will need to create an Apple ID. Your Apple ID will be your personal account and also makes easier to sign in, use Apps or share your files anywhere.

Create Apple ID Without a Credit Card

Step 1. First open iTunes and go to App store then find a ‘free’ App with the Search box



Step 2. Click on Get and wait until it asks for Apple ID. To download the app, click on Create Apple ID like the picture below.



Step 3. Click on Continue.



Step 4. You have to confirm your billing address then click on click here and choose your region of the country which you live and tap change.



Step 5. Mark on “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions” then tap on agree to move forward.



Step 6. Enter your email address and password also select security questions then answer them.


Remember: The security info which you have entered will be asked when you reset your forgotten password of your Apple ID also it verifies your identity in future.


Step 7. Enter any rescue email and confirm your Date of Birth then continue.


Note: If you forget your answers, you can use the rescue email to reset your password.


Step 8. Choose your payment method, if you don’t have any of them choose none. Fill the Billing address using your details and click Create Apple ID.


Note: If you don’t see none option, change your billing address like step 4.

After creating your Apple ID, verify it by Email and click OK.


Note: If you don’t verify it, you can’t use it.


Step 9. You can verify it by checking your Inbox and find verify your Apple ID mail and click verify now to complete your Apple ID verification.



Step 10. When the page automatically opened on the browser, verify it by entering your Apple ID email and password then click Verify Address.



Now your Apple ID has been created and verified completely.
You can use it on iTunes, App store, iBooks,iCloud,iTunes Store…



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